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My name is Shahin Moghaddam the remans of family of 3. I born on may 6,1977 in Tehran. My father Ali was a navy pilot who educated in USA. My mom Shiva was graduated in Art. And my little sister Ghazal. I studied computer science engineering in Tehran. I worked as couple of IT managing position then switched to construction field a while after marriage. I have got Married with Shakiba on june1,2006.

Shakiba Feghahati, born on March 27,1980. She graduated in Economic Science back in Iran. she continue her currier here in Canada by studied "public policy administration" in York University. We been together for 15 years. Amazing happy fulfill love life, perseverance and hardworking and lots of Achievements. super responsible mother, wonderful wife, caring and honest  and helpful to friends and others. she works as office director and book keeper in our well-known company. She always said" we will fix, we will solve all problems together."

she worked in Bekhrad inspection company in Tehran then hired as director of import and trade in Tavakkoli Industrial steels.

Mehdi Feghahati a caring father worked and retired in Iran national oil Company with lots of top positions in the ministry. and Zhila, a responsible mom, amazing grandma which Rosstin calls her MANI. an high school mathematics teacher. and to super kind Rosstin's Uncle. Shahab and Hesam.

Rosstin, our lovely son, born on December 9, 2010. A sweet. Energetic and super smart boy. At the age 10, he had 4 medals in Taekwondo, played piano, spoke 3 languages fluently. Play volleyball. Expert swimmer. Painting.

Rosstin School teacher Ms., Christina Macheras says:

“Rosstin brought so much joy to our Grade Four classroom community. He always made us laugh; he was funny, and his signature smile was infectious. His kind-hearted nature and optimism showed us that there was a positive side to every situation. 

Rosstin’s skill in both French and English was driven by his determination to succeed. He would frequently sit with his teachers, looking for opportunities to improve in his work. His enthusiasm made our learning together fun. He was a curious student who enjoyed contributing to classroom discussions; he was eager to bring his knowledge and experience to deepen our learning. Rosstin loved talking and writing about animals, his friends and, most importantly, his family. 

Rosstin’s peers described him as caring, generous and sympathetic; he was a loyal friend. He paid attention to the needs of others, making sure everyone was included, happy, and having fun. At recess, he could frequently be seen running or building structures with his classmates. He was playful, easy to get along with, and developed positive friendships. 

Rosstin continues to hold a place in our class and in our hearts. His presence is felt when the kids are playing, his humor is reflected in their laughter and his memory lives on through our stories.

<<Christina Macheras & Irisa Wong>>”

we Landed in Canada on Shakiba Birthday exactly. March 27,2013

We established our company in 2014.

Its time to remind our Second beloved son Nikdad,  who was born Feb 5, 2017 and passed away while after birth by doctors miss diagnosis.

On January 8, 2020, my wife and son, Shakiba Feghahati and Rosstin Moghaddam, were killed on the Ukrainian Flight PS752 by missiles fired by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran (IRGC). Since then, I have been dealing with numerous psychological, emotional, physical, and financial issues which have transformed my life into a daily struggle. The only hope that has helped me during this tumultuous time is my continuous fight to seek justice. I somehow achieved this goal when on May 20, 2021, the decision of honorable Justice Belobaba of the Ontario Superior Court deemed the downing of Flight PS752 to be an intentional act of terrorism.


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